Email Marketing

To be honest? Emails are still in Vogue. Nobody better would understand this than you and your brand. Sure, social media networks could be regarded as the only tool required for marketing brand identity. But the truth is different. Email is one of the prime tools businesses use to maintain professional and personal connections with clients and customers. It is regarded as one of the prime marketing plans to drive business, harness client loyalty, and propel sales.

Having said that, marketing strategies are as dynamic as ever. They are constantly changing with trends and innovation. To be able to capture the trends to reflect in marketing strategies is a game of precision.

A consistent and quality rich email marketing plan requires a dedicated agency, and we are at your service for just that!

We are a premium marketing agency that has attained tremendous success in helping our clients to come up with robust marketing plans and achieve a high return on investment (ROI)

Opt for our email marketing plans, and we guarantee to bring to the table an affordable, simple, and strategic blueprint of the way forward for your brand outreach.

As part of our service, we aim to provide you a broad spectrum of services, including:

  • We take charge of the formation of Email Templates that echo both the professional and personal aspects of the brand.

  • We provide unique and Customer-centric copywriting.

  • We Design monthly/bi-monthly/ yearly newsletters and push them out for bulk delivery.

  • We also ensure spam-free email.

  • We provide analytics on how many opened the email and thus determine the effectiveness of the strategy.

  • We help you run proactive campaigns via email: strategizing, formulating a calendar for pushing out the emails, thorough implementation, and analysis.

  • Coding the Templates

We work with you in the domains of:

  • The First Step: We follow a collaborative approach and thus partner with you to formulate a road map on the deliverables required and place it on the calendar. We decide what campaigns need an additional promotional push and allot the necessary funds for the same. We run a quick audit of your already established email marketing plan to check for technical errors, designs, reviewing unsubscribers and spam emails.

  • The Roadmap: After reviewing the established structures and your brand vision for the way ahead, we strategize and restrategize to refuel your marketing action. We address and find solutions for ongoing issues like low engagement rate, low subscription rate. We then formulate categories of campaigns based on the goals to be achieved. A separate email template for customer interaction, promoting products, consistent communication, client outreach, and awareness will help hit the right chords.

  • The Implementation: We believe that implementation is as important as planning. To ensure that we meet all the goals of our marketing strategy, we would have a dedicated person to head your campaign and serve as the channel of communication between you and our marketing team. It would maintain clear and quick communication and help us act quickly. Our team at service will include individuals specializing in their domains: graphic design, copywriting, analytics experts, coding experts, etc.

  • Review: While we focus on pushing growth and delivering you the state-of-the-art technology and tools, we could falter or not meet the desired expectations or goals. Thus we believe in a healthy reflection and positive criticism that would help us refine our skills and management process to deliver a high-quality performance. Our review process is driven by data analysis and communication with clients to understand the gaps. We then sit to restrategize and jump onto the next phase of our marketing plan.

We understand that managing public relations and marketing might seem like an additional burden inflicted by the 21st century digitally dominated ecosystem. Amidst managing the brand, and its ongoing performance, looking at its digital presence could be overwhelming. For the same reason, we aspired to create our service, make your work easy, bring a robust plant to the table and fuel your marketing strategy with the right combination of skill, design, and innovation.