Meet The Team


Moe is the founder of Infinity Web Solutions. It was his idea to build a company that can cater to the increasing demand for web solutions across the globe. He wanted to make sure that we can deliver the best quality services, no matter how big or small our client is. Trained to be a business administration, Moe uses well-proven tactics and a model based on a holistic improvement to ensure that everything works fine.


Yana is our head for marketing, and she takes care of everything that we need to stay on the right track. She is known for those super-creative marketing ideas and framing these ideas into viable products and services. In addition to handling the marketing campaigns for Infinity Web Solutions, Yana extends her help to our Digital Marketing and Brand Identity Building teams.


Marmar takes care of everything and anything about sales at Infinity Web Solutions. She makes sure that we are on the right pace when it comes to sales and conversions. An Ivy League graduate, Marmar has got a knack for all things sales. Therefore, Infinity Web Solutions can count on her regardless of the size of the social media marketing that we take up.


Milad is the technical head at Infinity Web Solutions, and we are positive that we cannot run our service without him. A core member who has been with us from the beginning, Milad oversees various technical needs, including server management and security. In the end, he makes sure that other teams at our organization can work peacefully.


Our designated person for brand management, Hanna, has worked with many branding and PR organizations in the past. She is trained in Communications and makes sure that our brand stays loyal to the customers we serve. Oftentimes, you can spot Hanna with the Marketing team, analyzing or improving what they work on at the point.


Ali takes care of one of the essential things at Infinity Web Solutions — customer support. We understand that our organization relies on customer satisfaction way too much, and Ali keeps it on the roof at all times. From answering simple queries to leading technical issues to the right team, Ali does much to keep this company on its foot.


Tanmay is the head of content development at Infinity Web Solutions, and Tanmay is more than a wordsmith. As someone who has worked in the content development industry for decades, Tanmay can craft the best copies every single time. He also ensures that our services are optimized for the best content delivery and UX through all things we build.